About TEDx

TED, when independently organized by a group of organizations, community, or an institution is licensed as TEDx. As much as it promises autonomy, such events continue to adhere to the principles of an ideal TED talk. It’s not only diverse but also spreads the reach. The essentialities of independent TED is devoted to speaking to a specific community, that are a conglomeration of people representing the same ideas of work, education, interests, or belongingness from a region. It is meant to highlight voices within and around the community catering to mutual notions. The event revolves around a theme such that it is responsive to the majority of the audience.


TEDxIITGuwahati introduces UnrestricTED, an exciting opportunity for you to deliver your very own TEDx Talk at our event on 7th March 2021. Show us the power of your pen, and stand a chance to share your personal take on the theme, “The Boiling Frog” with the audience. Submit any original piece of writing- an article, dialogue, speech, poem, song, prose, etc. expressing your stance on the theme, making use of personal anecdotes, experiences, desires, and views. If your piece ends up amazing us, we promise you a stage and a mic to amaze our audience with your ideas, because that’s what we’re about – ideas worth spreading. The deadline for the submission is 7th of January 2022. We are waiting to learn more about your ideas, so hurry!