About TEDx

TED, when independently organized by a group of organizations, community, or an institution is licensed as TEDx. As much as it promises autonomy, such events continue to adhere to the principles of an ideal TED talk. It’s not only diverse but also spreads the reach. The essentialities of independent TED is devoted to speaking to a specific community, that are a conglomeration of people representing the same ideas of work, education, interests, or belongingness from a region. It is meant to highlight voices within and around the community catering to mutual notions. The event revolves around a theme such that it is responsive to the majority of the audience.

TEDxIITGuwahati Theme 2022

TEDxIITGuwahati brings to you the theme for our upcoming event, ‘The Boiling Frog’.
The phrase “The Boiling Frog” may appear to be hilarious at first, but it holds a much deeper meaning. As the tale goes, if you put a frog in a pan of boiling water, it will jump out at once. However, if you place it in a pot of gently lukewarm water and slowly heat it, the frog will stay in the water until it boils to death.
It is a metaphor for our lack of will or inability to react to threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly.So, are we laying the road for the ultimate catastrophe, just as the frog's ignorance led it to death?