Changing lenses through Feminism

A day had been taken out to shift the viewpoint from male-centric assumptions and focus to experiences analyzed from a rather female lens. Acknowledging that gender is the first social category that any individual experiences, it’s pervasiveness has been evident and inevitable.

Keep that spark alive: creativity, productivity and procrastination

How many times do you hear this — “Be Original”? You hear the phrase “Be Creative!” somewhere or the other on a frequent basis. But then we must dive deep and find an answer to what originality is and how are we to express and evaluate creativity.
In a world where everyone is busy imitating others and also trying to fit in, how can one remain original?

What is it really like to be a TEDx speaker?

I remember I was walking around aimlessly, probably scouting for some tree to climb, when I saw the UnrestricTED poster. The TEDx team on campus was calling out for essays themed around The Changing Faces of Taboo. This instantly intrigued me. If not anything else, it would hopefully shepherd my embarrassingly sporadic writing habits into action.

The Other End of the Line

Since time unknown, when the first idea of civilization came up, humans have been working towards getting better and better in every field. We are continually thinking of a better version of almost everything that exists. Humanity has come a long way from discovering fire to creating complex machines and technology that are a part of our lives today.

Mathematical Patterns in Nature

At a glance, nature may seem to be very random, with leaves, flowers sprouting from just about anywhere on the trees. But on close observation, one can find patterns emerging right from the subatomic level to the level of massive galaxies. Nature is a beautiful creation. It’s a feast to the eyes. Beauty in its essence emerges from the patterns that are widely embedded everywhere in nature.

Living in the moment — The subtle art of ignorance?

It is not foreign for one to worry and fret over what the future holds for them, and is even more so common to dwell in memories of the past. The future brings with it a mystery, curiosity of what and how one would be, and the promise of fulfilled dreams. On the contrary, the past holds comfort, a solace of knowing how things unfold, and hence it is inevitable to constantly go back to it.

Social Media — How Has It Evolved To Control Us?!

When was the last time one may have checked his messages? Surprisingly, any regular human checks his phone once every 6 minutes, and 80% of the time, it is used for text messaging or checking out the other social media platforms. It is then natural to wonder if social media has now become equivalent to oxygen for human beings.

What is TED and who are we?

That’s right. We’re going out of our way to address that one question which incessantly pops up on the mention of our event. That one question that has the power to destroy the very purpose of its existence.
TEDxIITGuwahati presents, “What is TED?”, simplified with the hope that we never have to tell you again.

Arms of the Information Era: Deepfakes

We, as humans, have always been skeptical of changes in our life before we integrate them into our daily fabric - be it related to society, technology, culture. In this piece of writing we try to shine some light on one such slippery slope called “Deepfakes”.

The Only Way Out

With the year going on a rough patch this time around, it could be going great for some while rather rough for others. With our latest piece, we’ve tried our best to convey some motivation and hope to them to help them fight back.
Head along and give it a read!

Tesla’s Cybertruck is a Branding Genius!

Brands simply are a commitment, a promise that a company makes with it's consumers. Some make great brands, and some well, not so much.
But how do you go about creating a brand? What does it take?
We at TEDxIITGuwahati bring forth this article on one of the craziest brand strategies, done ever by a company!

Superhuman: Breaking the barriers of emailing

Breaking the industry is not easy and competing with the big giants? That’s a big no! But not for some who are ambitious enough. You just need the right execution and ambition. Read on to explore how Superhuman changed the way we look at emailing and what it took to successfully compete with the bigger giants like Gmail and Outlook!

Taboos Revolutionised

Criss Jami writes in his book ‘Healology’, “History fancies itself linear - but yields to a cyclical temptation”. This resonates with humanity’s theme of progressing and, at the same time, regressing. By developing restrictive set of rules, commonly known as taboos, governing different spheres of our lives ranging from marriage, race, gender, faith etc we have ended up shunning countless into oblivion.